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At 7:30 pm (2015)
56 x 76 cm
Four-colour separation screen print on paper

Photography: Melanie McKee

At 7:30 pm is a four-colour separation screen-printed work that represents the differences and relationships between time, physical home, and the individual in Perth and Beijing . At the same time, this work is my visual investigation of the impact of my feelings, specifically nostalgia and the idea of repetition in everyday life. In this work, I printed two photographs next to each other; one of my living room in Perth and another of a friend’s lounge room in Beijing in order to explore the idea of ‘here’ and ‘there’, and what we do at certain times of the day in different places. Both photographs were taken at the same time (7:30 pm), and work together to generate a dialogue about cultural differences and when a particular or selected place becomes private and personal.
While the work At 7:30 pm evokes stillness or a calm moment, the image of my empty room simultaneously reflects the sense of absence and emptiness. These feelings, which are embedded in nostalgia, can also be considered as constitutive of the emotional impacts of displacement.